Meet the Artist:

My name is Cathy Williams. I am the owner of CW Sculpture Gallery. I earned my BFA and MA from the University of New Mexico. I have experience teaching in public schools, working with children, and showing art.

Art is a central part of my life. During most of my recent experiences at Santa Fe Community College, I have found it to be rewarding to help adult students with various processes, including designing and forming 3-D projects for the classes in bronze casting. Bronze work must first be done in wax, and in welding, you must use a drawing to plan projects.

I have become more and more interested in working with adults in an artistic setting. Art is what I love to do! I know I can make a great addition to any art teaching team. Below is a brief summary of my experience as an artist!

The Tesuque Bronze foundry, Shidoni, helped me realize some of my early dreams for turning crochet into bronze. I continued working with wax, bronze and welding through many experiences at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, NM.

I have participated in many art shows. Some shows that I have participated in and galleries that I have submitted artwork to include: